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12 week workout program written by me to help you attain your strength and overall fitness goals available SATURDAY MARCH 7 9am PST.

What is it?
A PDF document accessible from your phone with 12 weeks of 5 days/week workouts broken down into 4 strength days and 1 conditioning day.

Each strength day is broken down into 4 parts:
-Warm up
-Main movements

The 5th conditioning day is optional but encouraged if your 12 week goal includes losing body fat.

Every exercise listed in the book can be found in the workout library so that you’re never confused how a certain exercise should be performed.

Also included in the ebook is a beginners guide on how to track macronutrients. It breaks down the difference between calories and macros and tells you how to calculate them for yourself. The goal is for you to learn a skill set to fuel your body to gain or lose weight healthily.

Overall, I wrote this program for:
- Beginners who want to try powerlifting
- Newbies in the gym who need direction but not ready to hire a coach
- People wanting to get strong, fit, and confident for festival season
- Intermediate level lifters looking for a strength program
- Anyone looking to gain strength and muscle while also losing body fat

This pdf is accessible from your phone and so easy to just take with you to the gym.

I wanted us to have something that helps us gain strength, feel confident in and out of the weight room, and help us get ready for summer (and festival season) without crash diets or typical “how to lose weight in two weeks” bullshit.

This is 12 weeks full of SUSTAINABLE lifting and eating practices so that you can be STRONG and lean, not frail and starved.

Let’s kick ass this festival season and be our strongest most confident and vibrant selves.

Lift With Ciarra - 12 Week Strength Program

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