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Confidence Through Strength

More than just a lifting routine

One on One Customized Online Powerlifting Coaching​

Coaching Anywhere in the World

Whether you want to compete in Powerlifting or just get strong AF to be able to carry all the groceries in one trip. Become part of the LWC Team with individualized training programs delivered weekly.

Online Coaching Includes:

  • An initial phone call/facetime to set goals

  • Weekly customized program

  • Video analyzation of form and technique

  • Weekly video check-ins

  • Two way feedback on training


One on One in Person Coaching

On the Spot Form Correction and Feedback

For local and visiting LWC Team members, I offer one on one in person training in the Los Angeles Area at a special price. Non-team members may purchase sessions, but will be considered on a case by case basis.


Macronutrient Based Nutrition Coaching

Macros Made Easy

If you're looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or just fuel your workouts better, this service is for you. Team members who sign up for powerlifting and macronutrient coaching will receive a bundle price.

Macronutrient Coaching Includes:

  • Initial phone call/facetime to set goals

  • Initial individualized macros

  • Weekly macro adjustments as needed

  • Weekly video check-ins

  • Two way feedback on macros and progress


Client Testimonials

"Prior to my experience being coached by Ciarra I had only had negative experiences with female coaches. I’d experienced manipulation and at times even jealousy. I was hesitant to have a female coach again because of that. I found Ciarra on Instagram as I had been a fan for a while, and decided to fill out her survey for coaching. I was going through a really hard time in my personal life when reaching out to her. Immediately I was able to open up to her and we were able to share similar experiences. Ciarra has helped me with lifting and nutrition. She is always on top of replying and checking in weekly. She really makes me feel important. I wouldn’t know she had other things going on in her life if it wasn’t for Instagram that’s how much she is there when I need her. Aside from my numbers in the gym sky rocketing (literally added almost 100 pounds to my competition total in 3 months) and body composition improvements, how much knowledge she has as a coach, how much experience she has... what makes my experience so far with her stand out is the fact that she CARES. She is a good person and genuinely wants her clients and everyone around her to succeed. THAT is rare. She cares about how I’m feeling and she doesn’t bullshit. She will show tough love when she needs to but it’s all out of love. It’s not about being the most well known coach or lifter it’s not about the money to her. It’s about helping people. Anyone can hire a good coach and have a good program to follow, but with Ciarra you get all that and THEN some. She has truly helped me find myself. Everyone deserves to have an experience like I have, being coached by someone who has a passion for what they do and a passion to help others."

Peyton K.

I’ve never in my life been a skinny person. For as far back as I can remember I’ve been heavier. I remember being in elementary and middle school always trying to go on a diet to try and fit in! I always got too ambitious and failed because of trying to do too much. High school came around and I just accepted that I’d always be bigger I always worked out and it didn’t seem to change anything . After high school I started to pack on more and more lbs and found powerlifting. This made me think being fat is totally ok. Problem was I was uncomfortable in my own body. I decided to try something new that lead me to Ciarra and flexible dieting. From the very first day I started working with her I’ve had nothing but support and encouragement! Ciarra has shown me that I can incorporate the snacks that I love into my diet. That I don’t have to be super strict and let it control/consume my life. I can still live my life and be healthier. I’ve lost close to 30lbs eating the things I want to eat. For the first time in my life I am comfortable with how I look and that’s because ciarra has been with me every step of the way encouraging and guiding me. Working with ciarra has changed my life and I highly encourage anyone who struggles with weight or feels uncomfortable with how their appearance to work with Ciarra so she can change your life the way she has mine.

Justin H

As someone who is familiar with the fitness industry, I am extremely particular about who I trust and who I want to work with. I was drawn to Ciarra because of her attention to technique, work ethic, and programming knowledge. 


Within less than a year of working with Ciarra, we have increased my squat by over 50 lbs, my bench by more than 30 lbs, and my deadlift by over 100 lbs.


She has exceeded any and every expectation I have had and truly goes above and beyond anything I could have asked from her. She is always willing to help, always there within minutes if I have a question or if I need support, and I am so proud that I get to call her my coach. She cares about her athletes and is just an all around awesome human in general. She has become one of my great friends and has also helped me gain confidence in myself and on the platform that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t decided to join her team! Choosing to work with her is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Amanda A

Sarah S

I first started working with Ciarra as a nutrition client in 2016. I had worked with other coaches before and hadn't seen the results I wanted. Meal plans didn't fit well in my lifestyle and I needed more contact and accountability from my coach than I had gotten previously. Ciarra delivers on all of those things. She holds me accountable while also understanding that life sometimes gets in the way. She is available whenever I need her and we have weekly check-ins with progress pictures and either video messages or written ones. When she started offering powerlifting coaching, I jumped at the chance to work with one of the strongest women I had ever seen. She's helped me through two meets and I've seen massive gains on all my lifts. I've also seen massive gains in my confidence. I didn't know it, but when I signed up to work with her, I signed up to get the biggest cheerleader I've ever had. I signed up to become part of a tight-knit family that supports each other. I love my little powerlifting family. 


Whether you're a new lifter just getting started in powerlifting or a more advanced lifter trying to increase your total and work through sticking points, Ciarra has so much to offer as a coach. If you're still on the fence, she's a pretty amazing person too.

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