About Me

My fitness journey started before I even knew what "fitness" was.

Growing up, my mom worked out constantly. Every morning I would hear a step aerobic workout tape, Tae Bo, or my personal (least) favorite: the boxing round signal. The loudest, most obnoxious bell you've ever heard.

Growing up, the importance was always place on being thin. When I was 16 the rule was if I had a flat stomach, I could get my bellybutton pierced. If I started to gain weight, the solution was to go for a run and cut carbs. Although through high school I ran track, taught zumba, and did multiple hours of cardio 4-5 days a week, I never felt good enough.

I gained weight my senior year of high school, lost it in basic training, and hit an all-time low in Army job school. I thought it would be easy to keep that body in college, I’d just keep running all the time… LOL

In college, when I finally walked in on my ex cheating on me, I was set on getting that #RevengeBod. I’d gained the freshman 10 and I received an email from the University's powerlifting club, so I'm thinking "squat bench and deadlift? I'm getting kinda fat I should check it out." I went to the powerlifting gym, squatted high as fu**, and made friends who showed me what depth is. Soon after, I signed up for my first powerlifting meet, got kicked out of the university and ended up being sentenced to 9 days in jail.

I missed my first powerlifting meet because I was in jail, and that’s when I decided to move to Hawaii. I signed up for my second meet, prepped, and cut too much weight the week before. It caused huge problems with my lifts, and I ended up bombing out of the meet.

Two days later, I moved to Hawaii and went into Mana Barbell thinking I didn't want a coach, only to be told I absolutely NEEDED a coach.

I trained under my coach, Darren, in Hawaii for about a year and a half before I started working under him as an assistant coach, running seminars, helping handle lifters, and learning how to correct form hands on in the gym. After a couple years of working under him, I decided to branch off on my own. I’ve been coaching on my own since 2017, with the goal to help others gain everything I gained from powerlifting and more.

In my own powerlifting career, I’ve competed at IPL Worlds twice, in Canada once, Australia at the Arnold Sports Festival, and Anaheim Fit Expo, along with about a half dozen smaller meets in Hawaii. I've since left my home in the islands to expand and change as many lives through powerlifting as possible, relocating to Alhambra. Locations may change, but the mission remains the same.

"I always thought I wanted to be skinny until I felt what it was like to be strong"  

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